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About Us

National Information Technology Facilities has one simple goal: to meet our clients’ data archiving and recovery needs. For over 15 years, NITF has been achieving this goal by maintaining full working knowledge of the secure computing world. We offer our clients the unique service of being able to archive data as well as access it by simply launching a browser.

Keeping your data safe and at your fingertips when you need it.
Bottom Line: Secure storage with easy access and recovery.

What sets NITF apart from others is that we will not only meet clients basic data storage needs, but we offer ways for the client to easily access their data making recovery a breeze. We strive to customize solutions to meet the specific scenarios the client faces everyday. To achieve this we offer not only back up and recovery needs, but also server security solutions, back up email forwarding, storage and recovery systems, redundant servers, and web server hosting. Making sure our clients have the backbone of their businesses secure and at their fingertips 24x7.

Doing what’s best for you…the customer.
That’s our bottom line.

To find out how NITF can put secure solutions into action for your company, call us at 703-383-3900 or email: solutions@nitf.com


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